This container hosts the folders in the directory 00_custom/shinyApps. Any single shiny app put in this folder will be listed at the given url. Please note that only some packages are pre-installed in the container; all other packages need to be installed manually each time the container starts - via the following R commands in the shinyApp:

Manually install additional package required for app to run

dir.create(“r_packages”, recursive = TRUE) # create personal library
.libPaths(“r_packages”) # add to the path

install.packages(“package”, lib=“r_packages”) # install like always
library(package, lib.loc=“r_packages”)

Please also note that environment variables as defined in the files “.env” and “settings.txt” are only available to the shiny app if the file .Renviron is mounted to your shiny app directly. You need to add another mount volume to vis_custom in the docker-compose file, i.e.

Technical Framework

Empty shiny container; apps in directory 00_custom/shinyApps are mounted automatically to this shiny container.

Health status of container can be checked at: ‘http://custom.servername/_health_check_/’

Main Contributor

Valentin Gold


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