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Valentin wants to express his gratitude to the research assistants at the University of Göttingen - most of these students have contributed in developing specific modules (see the main contributors in the respective modules), but some have done more than that, especially Felix Süttmann and Jan Paul Hölzl. Both have contributed in developing the technical framework in general. Valentin also wants to thank Benjamin Gabert and Paulina Nellies for all the other work they have done for the project. This website automatically transfers the readme-files from each module and incorporates these as HTML-iframes. Hence, with each update of the readme-files, this website is updated. Alke Kaul came up with this idea and did all of the implementation work.

Clone project

The project is currently only available on a private GitLab. We strive for publishing the framework, but need to run the project evaluations first and clarify some licence issues before we do so. We're happy to answer any questions on the current status of the project - just get in contact with us.

Run with Docker

As soon as we publish the project, you will find some instructions on how to install and operate the framework.